About us pages usually bore the C*** out of me. Hopefully ours is inspiring and is the exception for you!

The journey towards PlayDrive as we know it today has been a long one. I’ve worked as production manager / designer / jack of all trades across many different industries. But the yerning to start my own business led me to leave my comfortable employment and start something meaningful. 

That meaning was driven by my children, originially we had visions of a grand childrens brand of flat pack furniture – but what I learnt in the process was a love for CNC routers. Maybe I was just trying to fit that cnc desire into the childrens brand but out of that Playdrive was concieved. When jobs kept coming my way with no marketing or sales process I knew we might have a little business on our hands. People have been attracted to our process and our passion for the craft. 

For me – CNC routing is a craft. Its a passion. And I want to help bring your project to life. 


Carl – Playdrive