Why us

We help you make that cool project.

With 10 years of product and project development – we can bring that project in your mind to life. Find out how we do that below:


Our services

Design, Consulting & Training

As industrial designers we can help you develop your product. We also offer CNC consulting to help you get your own CNC router sorted. Additionally we even offer a CNC training course to help you get the most of your own router.

CAD - Computer Aided Design

Need help creating 3d / 2d design files for your project. We've got you sorted there too. We use the latest CAD software and can help you achieve your project.
Fusion 360 (3D) & Vectric Aspire (2D)

CNC Routing

We have a full industrial router bed (2500 x 1300) with vacume hold and fixture plate for quick change production cycle milling.

Product Sales

From CNC routers bits that we use to the latest in our CNC related gear. Check out our webstore and get kitted out.


CNC Router capabilities

3d roughing cnc router fusion 360 brisbane plywood

2D shape cutting 
(Profile cutting)

This is our bread and butter so if you need help getting things cut out - get in touch.

3d roughing cnc router fusion 360 brisbane plywood

3D object milling

We can mill 3d objects out of most materials. We use Fusion360 to make our CAD shapes and develop toolpaths with.

Brisbane wood signs sign cnc router brisbane lions

Sign Making

Need a custom welcome sign or love a particular footy team? Need something special? Let us know about it

Slab Levelling

The good thing about CNC routers are that they cut parrallel shapes really well. That helps for slab leveling. See how we do it!

Non-Ferrous Metal cutting

CNC routers are great for cutting metal too. We've cut brass, aluminium and copper.

brisbane cnc router nesting and cutting

Part Nesting

Getting the most out of your material is critical for efficient development costs. We can help you optimise for that.

If you've come this far down the page - My guess is you're at least somewhat interested in what we do.

Hit that button there and let us know what you need to make!