Lets flatten it out

Have you got some live edge timeber or seasoned slabs of wood that you need levelled. Thats simple on a cnc router. 

Huge router bit

We use our levelling router bit to slice off small passes at a time. Its 60mm and does a fast job!

brisbane cnc router slab master levelling

Smart Toolpaths

We can program the router to match your individual piece of timber. Making for faster cycle times

quality finish

By taking small passes we achieve a more consistant finish and less prep sanding before finishing.

See how the router levels a piece of timber

Depending on the species and the size of the slab we alter and change the depth of cut. The CNC router allows for quick and easy slab levelling. 

Our router will accept slabs 1200 wide x 2500mm long

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What Our customers say

Carl from Playdrive is realy great to work with, being super personable, knowledgeable & responsive in all aspects of his work. Ive had several small projects completed by Carl whos made eash to the exact requirements with improvements and revisions along the way without a fuss. Recommend highly for any work.

Peter Rawlings | Wood Life Crisis

Carl’s attention to detail, his passion to find the best solution and his design aesthetic all combined to help us create new and exciting products. I found him easy to work with and the result was elegant and functional. I have no hesitation in recommending PlayDriveCNC and Carl for your next design project

Maurice Hillier | Ministry of Handmade