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We’ve made all sorts of signage. From custom engraving, to epoxy poured logos to sandwich boards and everything in between – see what we’ve done below.

cnc engraving vbit vee bit brisbane router service


Our cnc router allows for any type of engraving. We can carve into wood, ply, plastic and metal.

custom objects

Create personalised objects for your brand or business.

wood life crisis brisbae sign epoxy inlay cnc router


We've created epoxy inlay signs for families, businesses and the rest. We can do layered or stacked letter signs as well.

Featured signs

Brisbane Lions AFL

Custom Brisbane Lions sign routed into wood and sealed with clear lacquer. 

Wood life crisis

Designed cnc toolpaths based of clients supplied image and cut into birch plywood.

SuperNumerary cafe

An awesome collaboration between WoodLifeCrisis and Playdrive for SuperNumerary Cafe

What Our customers say

Playdrive was commissioned to provide the technical design, production and assembly of a highly-bespoke, themed, children's activity tent for the World Science Festival Brisbane. He was exceptionally dedicated to achieving a successful outcome for the tent, taking an interest in the tent's vision and concepts to ensure they translated into the design outcome. His effective collaboration and communication during the design and prototyping phase made problem solving efficient and enjoyable, and led to a smooth production phase.

Richard Stride | Designer - WSF Brisbane

Carl from Playdrive is realy great to work with, being super personable, knowledgeable & responsive in all aspects of his work. Ive had several small projects completed by Carl whos made eash to the exact requirements with improvements and revisions along the way without a fuss. Recommend highly for any work.​

Peter Rawlings | Wood Life Crisis